What Kind of Lingerie Do You Want To See?

What Kind Of Lingerie Do You Want To See?

The Truth is I hesitated to post this picture for my weekly #fishnetfriday share.

I look at the image over and over and my thoughts kept settling on “is this too much?” “Am I too exposed”.

And tbh I was going to settle for “yes, only highlight in your stories this doesn’t need to live on your timeline” (my fellow content creators can understand). And then I challenged myself with “but why, what’s “too much” about this?” and I really didn’t have a solid answer.

You know who/what I see here? A womxn with a belly full of stretch marks, dark patches of skin, soft belly, a newly diagnosed #pcos body and a womxn finding every way possible to adorn and love on her. If I’m going to look for lingerie I’m going to look for the womxn who looks like this. Not just the airbrushed, perfectly “curvy”, acceptable version of my body but one that really evokes and embodies compassion, grace and pleasure.

I hope you all enjoy our new Girl’s Need Love Full Body Cage Harness as much as I do.

This weekend when you spend $150 in lingerie you get $75 in Temptress Cash.